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With Sifter Connect API, building personalized wellness and product discovery into your platform is easier than ever.

Accurate product data, ready to use

Sifter abstracts all the messy product data, nutritional analysis, and dietary regulations behind a RESTful API.

Multi-attribute filtering

Sifter allows developers to spin up advanced health and wellness features in just weeks.

Dynamic, real-time API

Our APIs are updated daily and immediately available so you don't need to keep track of regulatory changes or new products.

Easy, flexible integration

Sifter API integration reduces the engineering resources needed to build health and wellness applications.

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Examples of what you can build with Sifter Connect API

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Dynamic search

Example 1:
for Tomato Sauce that is Organic and Celiac compatible
Returning only products that match these criteria including product descriptions and images.

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Example 2:
for all Kraft products that are Keto, Antibiotics compatible and Clean-Style

Returning only products that match these criteria including product descriptions and images.

Complete product detail

Submit a UPC code to return complete product details

Send: A UPC code

Returning:  All product information including Sifter Wellness groups and image URLs

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For You

Show the customer what products in their search are compatible with their Personal Diet

A set of UPCs and Wellness Groups matching a Personal Diet

The UPCs with a TRUE/FALSE flag indicating compatibility with the Wellness Groups

See an API code example

Scan By Diet

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Scan a barcode to see if it is compatible with your diet.

A UPC Code

TRUE/FALSE indicating compatibility with the MyDiet profile.

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Tell me what retailers carry a product by zip code

For a Zip Code and UPC, what retailers sell this product

Retailer names and buy links

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