Data Management

Gain confidence in your product data

Sifter Data Management unleashes the full power of your product data.

Sifter Data Management

Sifter cleanses, verifies, and enhances product data from multiple suppliers, and then returns it via a single, flexible API pipeline. The result? A high-quality dietary database so your platform can deliver accurate product information every time, all the time — even through AI-powered search.

How we do it

Ingest, cleanse, and curate data from all sources using established protocols
Enhance data with factual and derived attribution
Verify data at onboarding and offboarding using proprietary AI and machine learning technology
Deliver high-quality data back to client via a single, flexible API pipeline
Data Ingestion

Structure and standardize data from multiple sources

Assign category classifications

Apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) to return constituent structure for ingredients and allergens 

Determine certifications and claims based on package text and imagery

Data Enrichment

Enhance the data

Verify that products are comparable within the same category

Match fit with 200+ dietary filters comprising allergens, lifestyle diets, health diets, medication classifications, nutrient attributes, and more

Enable exclusion of ingredients beyond the top 9 allergens through ingredient codification

Data Verification

Ensure data accuracy, completeness

Validate data against regulatory rules and conditional rules based on combinations of attributes and interdependencies 

Ensure all fields and values are appropriately populated

Rigorous evaluation of data at onboarding and offboarding; products with unexpected results at any point are rerouted for review and remediation at root cause

Data Delivery

Return updated data in a single API pipeline

Routinely audit and review data on an ongoing basis

Identify anomalies and suspicious data through automated exception reporting

Assign Sifter Confidence score to every batch prior to production; share quarterly reports with clients

High-quality data improves your business performance

2x more likely to buy a product with wellness badges

Product pages with label data convert 1.5x higher

Dietary attribution unlocks hidden products

Source: Nielsen Consumer LLC, 2022
Sifter Data Management

How we make it work for you:

Define requirements and opportunities 

Evaluate and scope out existing and potential data sources

Identify and prioritize data enrichment features

Customize the data management program for your business

Implement program on a systematic, ongoing basis

Provide you with data support, upgrades, and performance reports

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