Your shoppers have embraced Food as Medicine



of consumers are actively seeking more personalized nutrition [Deloitte]



of grocery customers say that product ingredients is a key buying consideration  [FMI]



of consumers say they would pay more for foods that contribute to their health [Deloitte}

Personalized nutrition that unlocks revenue

Sifter's Food as Medicine technology platform transforms grocery product discovery for your health-minded shoppers.

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Dynamic product search

Thousands of search filters, including food allergens, medical and lifestyle diets, and ingredient exclusions — the highest degree of personalization available today.

Shoppers use any combination of search filters to easily discover foods that fit their needs.

Accurate, real-time analysis of your assortment, including private label products.

In-store product scanning

Scan By Diet™ lets shoppers scan product UPCs for fit to personal dietary needs

Adds convenience and increases shopper loyalty

Easy API integration into your existing mobile app

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Accurate, enhanced product data

We clean and curate product data from multiple suppliers, then correlate the data to thousands of evidence-based, regulatory compliant filters.

Our high-quality database means you can deliver accurate product information, critical for AI-powered search.

Sifter is the only product data provider to be FoodMed Certified.

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"Every retailer with an online presence ought to be looking for ways to create this kind of functionality both in-store and online - it is the very definition of empowering customers."
Kevin Coupe

Harness the Food as Medicine movement

Offer medically tailored groceries, meals, and produce programs through your stores, driving improved ROI for you and positive health outcomes for your shoppers

Service customers at all income levels by making it easy to shop for foods eligible under government assistance programs—and compatible with complex diets

Collaborate with healthcare providers and health insurers to create incentive programs that align with the Food as Medicine movement

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Create diet-targeted, brand-sponsored promotions

Promote products that fit your customer’s personal diet

Trigger product promotions and digital coupons based on products scanned at home 

Help your shoppers discover new products by displaying brand stories inside product detail

Recipes made personal and shoppable

Analyze recipes against your customer’s dietary profile

Make recipe ingredients shoppable and swappable with your store assortment

Easy integration with our RecipeSifter™ API

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Fast, flexible solutions

We make it easy to integrate Sifter data and functionality into your applications. Learn More

White label

  • Get to market fast while integrating our APIs
  • Customers shop your branded store with your assortment and full Sifter functionality


  • Easily personalize your online interface to display food matching your customer's diet profile
  • API-driven “For You” tags identify the products that fit a shopper's profile
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Sifter Connect API

  • Easy plug-and-play integration
  • Super fast and scalable
  • Includes all white-label functionality

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