Connect clients, patients and employees with products and recipes that fit your diet recommendations. 

Integrate Sifter technology to deliver a customized, Shop By Diet experience
Better nutrition can help prevent 95% of all disease. [Tufts]
Poor diet results in $2 trillion of excess medical & productivity costs per year. [Tufts]
People need a variety of food choices to adhere to a diet.

Connect the dots between diet and shopping

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Accurate product data

Raw product data and images are curated and audited before input

Enhanced product information, including carb count and brand stories

Data correlated to hundreds of evidence-based, regulatory-compliant diet filters

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Dynamic product search

Help clients and patients define their unique diet in a personal profile

Hundreds of dietary filters, plus ingredient exclusions, result in unlimited, shoppable diet combinations

Real-time search engine delivers accurate and instant results, no matter how complex the profile

Customized Food as Medicine solutions

Efficiently administer the full range of food benefit initiatives through enhanced filtered spend and custom Approved Product Lists (APLs).

Give food benefit recipients easy access to a wide variety of nutritious, culturally appropriate foods.

Increase benefit redemption through smooth transactions suited to the participant's dietary needs.

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Food as Medicine Educational Toolkit

Created by Sifter's nutrition experts, this FREE toolkit is designed for health and nutrition professionals who want to incorporate Food as Medicine principles in their work. 
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Products by retailer store

Search results show product assortment by local store

Allow clients and patients to shop where they want

Our retailer network includes more than 38,000 national and local food stores — and is growing.

Recipes and meals made shoppable by diet

Help clients and patients figure out if a recipe is suitable for their diet need or food restrictions

Recipe ingredients are shoppable and swappable

Easy integration with our RecipeSifter™ API

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Recipe Search API from our partner Edamam
Search 2.3 million web recipes based on ingredients, nutrients, diets, allergens, dishes, meal types, and cuisines. License recipes with full rights to use. Mention code “Sifter” to receive 10% off.
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Easily integrate Sifter functionality 

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White Label Solutions

Enhance your business by white labeling Sifter functionality under your brand.

Shop-by-diet product discovery

In-store product label scanning


Health and diet content

Sifter’s growing dietitian & nutritionist network

Contact us to ask about special pricing for nonprofit organizations.

Sifter Connect API

Give your clients and patients access to:

Accurate label data and images

Regulatory-compliant dietary tags

Multiple diet profiles, multi-attribute filtering

Where products are sold locally

Mobile product scanning

Shoppable recipes and meals

Sifter Professional Network

For nutrition professionals and fitness coaches. Achieve a deeper level of engagement with your clients.

Counseling support tools to help your clients discover a wider variety of foods that comply with your dietary guidance.

CEU educational sessions throughout the year on trending nutrition topics.

Opportunity for a co-branded version of the platform.

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"If you're a dietitian, you'll find that Sifter can revolutionize the way you counsel and support your patients. With a click of a mouse, you and your patients will be astounded at how fast and easy it is to find food products that fit specific eating patterns, dietary requirements and medical conditions. Grocery shopping has changed – for the better!"
Amy Campbell

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