Sifter Solutions Advances Scan By Diet Grocery Shopping Technology

by Sifter
Judy Seybold
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December 5, 2023

CHICAGO, November 8, 2023 ( - Sifter Solutions (Sifter SP, Inc.), a nutrition technology provider for grocery retailers and health platforms, announces enhanced personalization and product discovery for its Scan By Diet™ technology. Integrating Scan By Diet now offers consumers alternative grocery product selections tailored to the consumer's specific health and diet needs.

Scan By Diet allows shoppers to select any combination of diets — from chronic health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension to food allergens and ingredient exclusions — and then scan a grocery product barcode for compatibility. A green check means the food matches their diet. A red X means the food doesn't, and now offers alternative products from the food retailer's product assortment that do match. The enhancement is designed to increase product discovery, leading to greater customer satisfaction, improved health outcomes, and higher loyalty rates.

The advanced Scan By Diet functionality comes at a time when consumers are taking a more proactive and preventive approach to health. According to FMI, The Food Industry Association, nearly 75% of Gen Z and millennials, and 44% of Gen X and baby boomers, buy foods for specific health benefits.

"This type of hyper-personalization is a win-win for food retailers and their customers," stated Thomas Parkinson, Chief Product Officer for Sifter Solutions. "Health-focused shoppers enjoy a better in-store experience because the 'Matches your Diet' feature directs them to a wider variety of suitable grocery foods. That means happier customers, bigger baskets, and better margins for the grocery retailer."

Sifter Solutions has also introduced faster, easier implementation options. With minimal technical support from the client, Sifter can now link its Scan By Diet technology into an existing mobile app, requiring no additional log-in by customers. This turnkey implementation, resulting in a scanning feature exclusive to the retailer's branding and product assortment, can be completed in a matter of weeks.

About Sifter Solutions

Sifter's nutrition technology bridges the gap between consumers' health priorities and grocery store foods. Designed for food retailers, health and insurance platforms, and food benefit providers, Sifter's Shop By Diet technology automates grocery product eligibility at the UPC level for unlimited combinations of diets, food preferences, and ingredient exclusions. Sifter's tech stack includes in-store scanning for wider product discovery, recipe customization by diet, and intelligent product curation based on food assistance eligibility, cultural preferences, and medically accepted options. The full suite of Sifter solutions can be integrated into client platforms through flexible, cost-effective APIs or turnkey white-label implementation. For more information, visit

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