Build and enhance your food-as-medicine platform 

Sifter technology was designed to power your personalized shop-by-diet program. Meet the needs of your health-focused customers when they're shopping in store or online, developing a shopping list, evaluating a recipe, or following professional dietary recommendations. 



of U.S. Adults
have one or more chronic diseases


million shoppers
avoid certain foods due to allergies or intolerances



in personalized nutrition market projected by 2040
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Dynamic product search

It starts with easy-to-create personal profiles. Users define their unique diet, then search and see only foods that match. Our dynamic, real-time search engine ensures instant, accurate results, no matter how complex the profile.

Finally... cleaned, verified product data

Not all product data is created equal. Sifter cleanses, verifies, and enhances product data from multiple suppliers, and then returns it via a single, flexible API pipeline. We are the only product data provider to receive Validation Institute's FoodMed Certification.

Attribute algorithms, dietary tags

Sifter’s intelligent engine systematically matches hundreds of diet, allergen and medication attributes across every food and supplement product in our database. Our dynamic, real-time platform can filter multiple attributes in a single search, returning relevant foods—in milliseconds—for unlimited diet combinations.

The power of Sifter inside your health and wellness platform

Leverage the power and functionality of Sifter into your own platform with our flexible, cost-effective APIs. 

Personalized shop-by-diet solutions

Nutrition as a Service™ is a powerful, proprietary, portable technology platform that matches personal food preferences to specific products sold at retail.

We are your technology partner

We’ve already done the hard work. We’ve cleaned and curated the raw product data. We’ve created a dynamic search engine that instantaneously returns diet-relevant foods and where they are sold. And we’ve created flexible API tools that make building your shopping/wellness platform easier than ever...

Before Sifter
Inaccurate, incomplete product data
Inconsistent dietary tagging
No profile matching functionality
Limited dietary attribute filtering
Unfinished personalized nutrition projects
Millions spent in unnecessary development
Lost revenue from under-served shoppers
Frustrated diet-driven shoppers
After Sifter
Accurate product data served fast
Hundreds of dietary filters 
Multiple profiles for families  
Unlimited dietary filter combos
Easy and fast API integration to ensure quality
Significantly less cost than building yourself
Increased basket size and sales lift
Easy for shoppers to meet health goals

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Uniquely experienced to transform your business

We're small, but we're mighty. Our core team brings decades of experience in online technology, product data management, nutrition and data science. We create and automate nutrition methodology by leveraging evidence-based scientific information and clinical nutrition care practices.

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