8 Track Foods

How Shop-By-Diet Technology Can Help a Brand Tell Its Story

8 Track Foods is a brand on a mission. This certified woman-owned business has set out to design products that sustain our planet and feed our growing population by reducing food waste, single-use plastic, and food insecurity. They focus on their products’ lifecycle to eliminate waste at every point in the process. They believe by stocking your pantry, you’re stocking a better future.

The Challenge

As the company works to get into more independent grocers and co-ops, it’s shifted its focus from individual products to a broader, fuller brand story. And to resonate more powerfully with a growing customer base seeking sustainability, healthy foods, and transparency, 8 Track Foods turned to Sifter as a partner to differentiate itself and help bring its mission to reality.

Using Sifter’s platform, 8 Track Foods not only gave shoppers visibility into how their products met with more than 130 dietary and lifestyle filters, but also collaborated on delivering the 8 Track Foods Brand Story to their desired audience. Sifter also collaborated on a brand video used via social media to promote a giveaway, resulting in further customer engagement. Currently, 8 Track Foods’ products are being onboarded at Meijer.

Sifter helps 8 Track Foods fulfill its commitment to its brand values, and helps tell its authentic brand story to more customers and retailers. It’s a great example of the importance of connecting and building relationships—every level of the business must support its values. The result is a more sustainable big picture.

The Sifter Solution

Sifter offered 8 Track Foods an integrated plan that expanded exposure and shoppability of products while reinforcing its brand promise to its most important audience. It also offers retailers carrying 8 Track Foods products added value for their businesses.

"Sifter gives our shoppers trust, gives retailers a tool, and gives us support in delivering on our brand promise."

- Maggie Seng Sadowsky, President, 8 Track Foods
Key Takeaways
Products shoppable across 130+ dietary and lifestyle filters on Sifter.shop
Visibility and exposure of the 8 Track Foods Brand Story as an added feature to their product detail
Collaboration on video marketing to be used via social media to further communicate 8 Track Foods’ points of difference
Bottom Line: What Sifter can do for YOU

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