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Sifter technology powers About Fresh food benefit cards

About Fresh is a not-for-profit organization on a mission to strengthen communities by getting fresh food to the households that need it most. Its Fresh Connect produce prescription program that enables healthcare providers to connect patients to the food they need to be healthy.

The Situation

About Fresh's tech-enabled food benefits program gives people the money and flexibility to buy the foods they need for good health. At the heart of the program is The Fresh Connect Card, part of a frictionless payment technology that lets patients choose the healthy foods they want at the stores they already shop.

To optimize the effectiveness of the Fresh Connect Card program and offer people a better shopping experience, About Fresh sought a technology solution to improve accurate product eligibility at checkout, a key reason why people fail to use food benefit cards.

The Sifter Solution

To ensure smooth, efficient delivery, About Fresh selected Sifter to fuel its Fresh Connect incentive program:

➢ Flexibility: Sifter works in partnership with About Fresh and FIS to curate approved product lists for Fresh Connect produce prescription cards. As a result, eligible healthy foods are automatically recognized at checkout at the places where Fresh Connect cardholders typically shop—grocery stores (including Walmart, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Albertsons), dollar stores, farmers markets, mobile marts, online.

➢ Accuracy: Sifter technology automated and improved eligibility compliance by predetermining product acceptance at the UPC level, instead of using the traditional method of including everything tagged as produce. Thanks to Sifter's higher quality Approved Product Lists (APLs), Fresh Connect has enhanced the precision of its benefits cards. Sifter's accurate product data and dietary attribution are the result of science-based algorithms, which were developed with nutrition professionals, support accepted standards of clinical care, and align with USFDA regulations.

➢ Scalability: Fresh Connect's underlying technology, including Sifter Connect API, is designed for scale, allowing About Fresh to partner with health systems across the U.S. in order to better address nutrition insecurity.

Sifter's partnership with About Fresh is a prime example of not-for-profit and profit organizations coming together to build innovative solutions that support the National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health.
Key Takeaways

Using Sifter's API made it easier for About Fresh to build personalized product discovery into their Fresh Connect food benefits program. Putting "Sifter inside" offers several key advantages for anyone building a personalized diet and nutrition application:

Accurate grocery product data, ready to use
Dynamic, real-time API
Drastically reduced development time
Bottom Line: What Sifter can do for YOU
Less development resources needed

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