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How Shop-By-Diet Technology Supports Healthcare Practitioners

Shadi Jafarian is a Registered Dietitian with more than 20 years of experience helping patients find a health and diet plan that works for them. For the past year, she has been working as an outpatient clinician specializing in weight loss management.

The Challenge

Because of insurance rules and a heavy patient load, Shadi is only able to see patients for a limited amount of time. Helping patients navigate weight loss while addressing additional medical conditions creates a major challenge. With so many products available—and with complex ingredient and nutrition labels—it is difficult to find food that fits multiple diet criteria quickly and accurately. As a result, Shadi’s patients have a hard time following her recommendations on a day-to-day basis.

The Sifter Solution

Using Sifter as an education tool gives Shadi the ability to connect with patients in the moments they need it—when shopping, cooking, and meal planning. Sifter’s Shop by Diet technology, powered by dietitian-vetted, evidence-based product-sorting algorithms, allows patients to find products that fit complex needs. Shadi uses Sifter regularly in her practice, identifying new products for patients and showing patients how to create a MyDiet Profile to discover products on their own. This technology allows Shadi to maximize her effectiveness and impact without expending additional time and energy, and gives her confidence that her guidance is translated properly to the shopping experience.

"Sifter is a tool that I can offer to patients so they can sort through the many food items that are out there."

Shadi Jafarian, Registered Dietitian
Key Takeaways

Sifter helps healthcare practitioners connect the dots between complex dietary guidance and their patients’ day-to-day needs. With Sifter, dietitians get:

A custom toolkit of education resources that help patients find products that fit complex dietary needs
Optional white label shopping tool built with your branding on top of Sifter's powerful technology
Bottom Line: What Sifter can do for YOU

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