How Food as Medicine Is Energizing the Grocery Industry

by Sifter
Judy Seybold
March 8, 2023
March 8, 2023
Food as Medicine has hit a tipping point. Today’s grocers can now leverage technology to empower the diet-driven shopper.

The 4 points of convergence

The grocery industry is ready to leverage the power of Food as Medicine, with four key factors driving this development:

Good health is good business

By tapping into consumers' growing interest in Food as Medicine, food retailers have an opportunity to win loyalty and compete on aspects other than price. Recent studies confirm that Food as Medicine programs in the retail setting not only improve consumer health, but can lead to improved ROI because of enhanced shopper loyalty and increased sales.5

Of the 186 research studies reviewed, 72% of Food as Medicine interventions and retail programs showed improvement in the healthiness of consumer purchases. Out of 66 studies, 75% reported an increase in store sales after implementation of a Food as Medicine intervention program.

Dietary interventions may best be delivered at supermarkets, which offer convenience, accessibility, full food inventories and, increasingly, in-store registered dietitians, online shopping, and delivery service. The addition of technologies for online shopping, food comparison and meal prep have been shown to help consumers reach dietary goals.6

Advancing Food as Medicine through technology

Technology innovation tailors food programs and expands their effectiveness. Digital tools powered by machine learning and scientific algorithms can precisely identify foods that match special diets and align with multiple chronic conditions, cultural needs, and lifestyle preferences.

In short, technology eliminates barriers and further personalizes Food as Medicine programs.

With advanced technology such as Sifter's, retail dietitians can prepare a medically tailored grocery list or select groceries that perfectly align with the consumer's socioeconomic make-up—including convenience, pre-prepped, packaged foods that match unique dietary needs and lifestyle preferences. Eating healthy is easier when meals comprise a variety of convenient, familiar foods and recipes.

Food as Medicine programs      

Three popular interventions show considerable promise in improving health outcomes and food security:7,8

The opportunity is now

Now is the time for food retailers to leverage technology as part of the Food as Medicine movement. Sifter technology enables you to offer tailored groceries, meals, and produce programs through your stores, driving improved ROI for you and positive health outcomes for the consumer. Let us show you how Sifter technology solutions can easily raise your current platform to a new level of performance and profitability—while helping address the need for greater public health.

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