Today’s Food Shoppers Are Focused on Ingredient Labels

by Sifter
Judy Seybold
April 18, 2023
April 18, 2023
“It tastes good” and “The price is right.” These two factors have been the main drivers for consumer food purchases for generations. While they’re still important, something big is happening that’s rapidly transforming the way people shop for groceries.

Americans are faced with soaring rates of food allergies, intolerances and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, and are paying far more attention to what they eat, particularly the ingredients in what they eat. Thus, a new generation of technology has emerged, offering a far more personalized grocery shopping experience. It’s helping consumers, and it's good for business.

According to the International Food Information Council (IFIC), nearly two-thirds of adults say the ingredients in a food or beverage have significant influence on what they buy. They get this info primarily from reading labels. In fact, most Americans say the product label is their main source of information when shopping, with 62% consulting the ingredient label and more than half looking at front-of-package.

One major priority is fewer, simpler ingredients. IFIC says nearly 2 in 3 shoppers try to choose foods made with clean ingredients. And often that means specifically excluding ingredients for health, sustainability, or other personal reasons. This effort is time-consuming and difficult. Until now, with the introduction of Sifter’s Shop By Diet technology and ingredient exclusion capabilities.

Sifter technology was developed so that grocery shoppers can define their personal diet through a combination of scientifically accurate filters—more than 200 dietary filters and ingredient exclusions—and use it to quickly identify products that fit. This eliminates hours of label-reading effort and allows shoppers to specifically select certain ingredients for exclusion.

Sifter technology is designed for grocery retail, with powerful functionality that can be easily integrated into existing online and mobile platforms. Sifter can even apply personal diet filters and exclusions to favorite recipes from just about any source.

Sifter technology provides an unparalleled level of precision to help shoppers find foods that are appropriate for complex, health-focused diets. What sets Sifter apart is dietary attribution aligned to each retailer's product array, giving your shoppers the ability to find suitable products in your stores.

For the first time, grocery retailers can realize a real return on their investment in health-focused shopper technology. Let us show you how Sifter can help you provide full value to diet-driven shoppers, leading to increased loyalty and bigger baskets.

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